Young People Don’t Drink Beer Anymore?

According to a Gallup poll found that adults under 30 (Millennials age 18-29)  who pick beer over wine or liquor has dropped from 71 percent in the early 1990’s to just 41 percent. Maybe this has something to do with people realizing they have gluten sensitivities? I just don’t like the taste of beer and it gives me tummy aches :(.

“Most key subgroups have shifted away from beer as their favorite alcoholic beverage, but this trend is particularly pronounced among younger Americans and minorities. These demographic patterns, should they persist, suggest that beer may not return to its position from two decades ago as the dominant preferred alcoholic beverage.”

28 percent of young Americans said they prefer liquor to beer compared to 13 percent in a 1992-94 study. Overall Americans prefer beer and wine (36 and 35 percent respectively), probably because it’s the cheapest option.


[Image via. Shutter Stock / mickyso]



  1. anonymous says:

    Just because we prefer liquor or wine to beer, doesn't mean that we buy more liquor or wine. Beer manufactorers can attest to that. I don't think they have seen that large of a drop in sales.

  2. djnemec says:

    "realizing they have gluten sensitivities" aka jumping on the gluten-free diet bandwagon.

    I don't like the taste of beer much either. I'd take wine or liquor any day over beer :)

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