Listen to Katy Perry’s New Single “Roar” and Feel Fierce!

So it’s kind of becoming the norm for music artist’s work to get “leaked” to the Internet a few days before the actual release date of albums and singles. Katy Perry’s newest single “Roar” is no different! I’m not mad about it though. Katy Perry is pretty cool, and I know that after seeing her documentary, I was like, “Whoa! Am I a Katy Perry fan?”

I’m super excited about the new single, which was supposed to drop August 12th, and I really think that her fans (and maybe newcomers) will really enjoy this song! It’s pretty typical for Katy, but that’s good! Sometimes artists go above and beyond of what they should do just to be “different” and then totally lose their fan base. Katy knows better.

This song leak comes after a week filled with song previews unveiled by Ms. Perry to get a bunch of hype going about her new album, Prism. Katy also has a large gold semi-truck driving around the United States for her fans to get a glimpse of on the road. They then can tweet it to Katy, who will most likely give them a retweet. Talk about genius!

Unfortunately, the promotional bus got in a bit of a accident when a drunk driver hit the semi, which was parked in a parking lot in Pennsylvania, according to TMZ. Not to be down for too long, Katy reassured her fans that everyone was bruised but not broken. Way to have a positive attitude, Katy!

Check out her song “Roar” below!

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