Come, Look At Justin Bieber’s Firm Naked A$$ With Us

Justin Bieber serenaded his grandma, naked, on Thanksgiving. Yo, Canada is weird, son. They celebrate Thanksgiving in October and don’t mind showing their grandmas their doodle sticks. Cray. I am typically not a fan of Justin Bieber but he has the ample buns of a young Twink. The Jesus tattoo really ties the whole ensemble together. Naked Justin Bieber is like the gift you didn’t even know you wanted.

Hello, Grandma.


So amused with himself.

justin bieber face

It’s disturbing.

JB eyes

Dat assssss.


For the close up.

justin bieber butt

That Jesus tattoo is, like, “I want to be on dat asssssss.”

justin bieber booty

His grandma is, like, “I want to be on dat asssss.” 

0811-justin-biever-article copy

red line

The Evolution Of Justin Bieber: From Tiger Beat To Boner Tweets

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