Celebrities Who Got New Teeth

Celebrities get veneers and new teeth all the time, I recently discovered when I made the mistake of Googling “celebrity teeth.” Just about every famous celebrity came up in search but it’s hard to know when a photo is just angled differently so for the sake of this post I chose celebs where the alteration was evident. As a gapped tooth girl myself I understand how annoying people can be about teeth. Middle school was not kind to my gappies (which I have no plans on closing) and I am sure scrutiny is magnified times a million in the spotlight.

I am fond of crooked and perfect teeth. I think teeth are just sort of cool. They’re like mouth rocks. A lot of these celebs seem to have gotten work done because their gums were exposed when they smiled, which I didn’t know that that could be something “wrong” with you but to each their own. Reviewing these pictures reminded me of that scene in Mean Girls, but if alterations make you happier then that is your prerogative.




    1. Luisa says:

      Well it might be a bit extreme to get new teeth. However most of these people look pretty good with them

    2. Lola says:

      Why doesn’t anyone ever mention Demi lovato for this

    3. Guest says:

      You missed one of the most obvious – Hugh Laurie. If you look at his 80's work and his recent work, his teeth are so completely different they actually changed the shape of his face.

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