The Backstreet Boys Performed ‘I Want It That Way’ Last Night

The Backstreet Boys performed ‘I Want It That Way’ on America’s Got Talent. BSB also performed their latest single, whatever it’s called, I am way less interested in that. The boy band sound, for me, is something that evokes puberty ridden nostalgia so I don’t want to hear any NEW songs where a bunch of dudes softly harmonize about emotions but I do want to hear a bunch of older gentleman sing the soothing sounds of my first period’s yesteryear. Yes, I went there.

Now I must admit: I enjoyed the Backstreet Boys in my youth and appreciated Kevin for his mind (he was the smart one), however I was always more of an ‘N Sync girl because they had more dance-y songs. Lance Bass’ eyes sort of freaked me out because he never blinked and I always thought it was funny that Joey Fatone’s last name was “Fat One” because he was considered the “fat one” (only relatively speaking), Chris was just super old and had weird hair, Justin was the one all of my friends liked but his voice was high and his hair looked like noodles and lastly there was JC Chasez who you just knew was a douchebag even if you couldn’t figure out why. I think we figured out why, JC, when you released that music video about lesbians.

Why am I bringing up ‘N Sync in a BSB post? Because I want to start a war! No, really, because despite all the weirdness of ‘N Sync I enjoyed them better than the Backstreet Boys because they just had more personality or at least they were marketed that way. They had crazier outfits and could dance better. BSB were more about performing as a single unit, they still wear matching outfits, and Howie sort of freaked me out but less so now! To this day, while the members of ‘N Sync have gone onto do other things individually the BSB only find success performing together.

Yet, if ‘N Sync were to reunite it would be this hugely successful stadium tour and it wouldn’t seem sad or strange that the, now grown ass men, members were reuniting. I have no idea why this is, why the BSB just feel more like New Kids On The Block than they do ‘N Sync. Maybe it’s because we saw Nick and Aaron Carter fight too many times and expose their tumultuous lives on television or because we never ever got to see Howie or Kevin or the Blond-one-who-isnt-Nick exposed on any level, which is to say, good for them for having pretty private lives despite being one of the biggest boy bands in the world!

We know Lance is gay and wanted to be an astronaut. We saw JC judging on America’s Best Dance Crew. Chris was on some reality show. Joey did Broadway and television. Justin is well, Justin Timberlake. But who are these men in the Backstreet Boys? Who are they? What are they like? Do they want to go into space too? While I am all for celebrities protecting their privacy for their own sanity and safety of their families, I think when it comes to connecting with artists we have to know a little bit more about them, even if it is an illusion. AJ was the bad boy but it seemed like Nick was the bad boy too. I only call Kevin the smart one because he manned the spaceships in the “Larger Than Life” video. But is there really that much of a difference between Howie and the blond-one-who-isnt-Nick? IDK.

I enjoy Kevin’s glasses in the photo above and the fellows can still sing, yet their reunion still feels like grasping at straws. Their fans aren’t the middle aged or mid-to-late thirties audience who go to see New Kids On The Block, their fans are technically us. Yet, we’re still not old enough to want to pay to experience nostalgia because those middle school days weren’t that long ago. We’re still young enough to have evolving musical taste and appreciate current music. Would any of us really shell out the cash to see the BSB if it were more than twenty or thirty dollars when we can see the artists of this time like Vampire Weekend or Beyonce or Kendrick Lamar or Haim or whoever? I don’t know.

Nevertheless, ‘The Call’ is the best motherfucking song by a boy band in history. Yes, I went there.

Remembering the Backstreet Boys in GIFs

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