HBO Viewers Demand To See More Penis, Man Butts, Testes, Etc.

HBO loves to show naked people because it can. It’s cable TV, that’s what is so exciting about cable TV, you can hear people say the F-word and see butts while enjoying your favorite story lines. However, one major problem on HBO’s series like Girls, Boardwalk Empire, and especially Game of Thrones is that while there are a lot of boobies and buh’ginas flying around, there is not a whole lot of peen.

Most people who watch these shows don’t have a problem with nudity in general, although many can’t help but feel like this is a bit sexist because those shows only feature women’s bodies in the buff and when they do they are typically being sexualized. In shows like Game of Thrones and Boardwalk Empire that deal with cultures where women are accustomed to being objectified, I have to wonder is the female nudity part of telling the story of women who are often, raped, marginalized and degraded or is this just excessive? I think it’s both and you’d have to review every instance of female nudity and decide if it’s sexist or necessary.

However, one group of ladies feel like there is a simple solution: more dicks! More Ds. One of the guidelines for gauging whether a practice is sexist or not is a single, obvious question: are the men doing this too? Considering that HBO’s shows have just as many audience members who like to see firm dude butts as they do who want to see ample lady butts, why not just toss a few Ds into the mix and even things out? Equality for all!

Now enough from me because these funny lady comedians from College Humor illustrate this point a lot better.

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