Jennifer Lawrence Turns 23 Today, Celebrate With Her Funniest Quotes

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Jennifer Lawrence turns 23 years old today, making her a Leo, making her and I potential BFFs according to the Zodiac. Sorry, don’t be jealous. I love Jennifer Lawrence and I am not afraid to admit it even though everyone loves her to the point where it’s cliche to love her and I still don’t even care because I think she is great and funny and a very good actress and—and—and she has a good head of hair . . .

Be my friend. I have this fantasy where Jennifer Lawrence, Ke$ha (who I’m not like a fan of but would probably hang out with IRL) and I go to Beyonce‘s house for brunch. Beyonce has all these fancy foods and tiny forks because she is classy and J-Law, Ke$ha and I try to pretend like we know the difference between forks then we drink too many mimosas and spill hot sauce and Beyonce is like, “That is Mahogany!” Then the three of us laugh at Beyonce because Bey has never even seen The Hunger Games. I know I have a sad, sad life, you guys.