Miley Cyrus And Rihanna Are Becoming The Same Person: 12 Photos That Prove It

Is Miley Cyrus copying Rihanna? Or are they merely becoming the same person? IDK, they’d have beautiful babies though. Rihanna‘s style is ever changing and we can’t help but notice that as Miley comes into her own, her Rihanna inspiration is a bit more obvious. The two are friends, or at least acquaintances, so I don’t think Miley’s style choices are anything to be concerned about. Nevertheless, Miley Cyrus clearly has a mean girl crush on Rihanna.

Miley’s single, “We Can’t Stop” was originally intended for Rihanna. Miley even tweeted that she would make out with Rhi Rhi. The two are going to form a beautiful, pot-smoking friendship.

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    1. harish says:

      Just to inform….Most Of The Things Are Done By Miley Before Rihanna….the dollar dress,The Versace Cain,Iron maiden Shirt,Ripped Jeans,The Cap Was Used By Miley Before RIRi..So It’s Ri Who Copies Miley…But I Love Both.

      1. Brady says:

        No Hun shut that fat mouth up.

    2. abigail says:

      i loved you miley cyrus i seriously feel you are the same person you just need to know that you have been messed up and being messed up doesn't mean growing up.PLEASE COMEBACK

    3. funny says:

      RIRI changed her style ever since chris beat her up then she turn into a freak cutting all her hair wearing black looking clothes looking like a freak then went from that to dressing completely different now lol….. but idk why people are saying Miley copied RIRI when she didnt… LOL!!!

    4. Brady says:

      Miley isn't original. POINT BLANK PERIOD. She copies RIHANNA, Lil Debbie, & P!nk. She pays stylist to dress her and makeup artist. She has people who write her music. She has money from being on Hanna Montana that's the only reason she is famous. She is fake.

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