The Real Story Behind Perez Hilton and Lady GaGa’s Feud

If you’ve perused the gossip headlines lately, you’ve probably seen that Perez Hilton and Lady GaGa have been throwing a lot of hate at each other. The one-time friends are now on the outs, with GaGa accusing Perez of stalking her and Perez retaliating publicly on his blog and Twitter.

Obviously in heated arguments like this one, it’s hard to tell who threw the first punch and where the anger really stems from. It’s a classic case of He Said/She Said, one celeb’s word against another’s. Today, however, BlindGossip (our go-to for reliable celeb info) posted the following not-so-subtle item:

There is a public battle going on now between a very famous female performer and a male blogger. While both are telling their “versions” of the story, we have the real back story for you… the one that neither party is ever going to tell you!

The two used to be very good friends… until the blogger started privately telling the performer to get help for her substance abuse problem. Yes, the performer is an add*ct, and a serious one at that. But, like most add*cts, she was in compete denial about her problems, and she hated the blogger for telling her the truth! She warned him that if he didn’t shut up about her problems, that she would cut him out of her life.

The blogger stopped confronting the performer personally, but did go to a third party to discuss the performer’s issues and to ask for her help in encouraging the performer to go to reh*b and perhaps staging an intervention. The third party is a very famous female singer who is friendly with both the performer and the blogger.

The performer found out that the blogger and the third party were discussing her problems behind her back… and went ballistic! She not only cut the blogger out of her life, but she started making nasty comments about him to anyone would would listen. The blogger was very hurt and retaliated by critiquing the performer on his blog.

The performer eventually did go to rehab, but she did not admit it publicly, pretending instead that she was taking several months off due to an injury. Whatever. So, the blogger’s persistence did pay off in terms of her eventually getting the help that she desperately needed… but their friendship was lost in the process.

She is now out of rehab and working again. However, she still hasn’t forgiven the blogger for his confronting her about her add*ction, as well as for his private disclosure of her condition to the other singer. Meanwhile, he is trying to cope with the very public backlash from her rabid fans, who don’t know the back story and who blame him for the performer’s angst!




Obviously the performer is Lady GaGa and the blogger is Perez Hilton…but who could the singer in question be? If you’ve got any ideas, leave them in the comments below!

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    1. gibsonofa says:

      You said, female singer… so I'm going with the biggest female singer of all time… Justin Bieber!

      1. Touche. Touche, indeed.

    2. Ashley says:

      That blind was clearly written by Perez though.

      1. I’m not so sure! It’s credited to Blind Gossip itself (the site always credits where they get their info from), meaning it came from a source within the site’s immediate network. Perez isn’t part of their team.

    3. Trey says:

      This is the Lady Gaga and Perez hilton story and it's not true. I literally just watched a decently recent All Access show that Perez did WITH Gaga and she had mentioned that she had gotten into drugs and that it wasn't good for her. She said it to him and the camera, and she has said it multiple other times as well, so that would not be denying it. And it obviously isn't denying it to him since that is who she was talking to

    4. dani says:

      Sorry but this site is insanely wrong and very irresponsible for posting it. Consider the timeline and evidence. If gagafaked an injury and went to rehab instead then why why why would Perez send her a picture of herself injured with the word Karma written on it? Doesn’t make sense now, does it.

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