“Fetch” Might Never Happen, But the “Mean Girls” Musical Will

Stop the presses! Playbill is reporting that Tina Fey is collaborating with Nell Benjamin (the lyricist for Legally Blonde) and her husband, composer Jeffrey Richmond, on Mean Girls the musical.

“It’s a great movie,” Benjamin told Playbill.com. “It’s one of the few movies out there that really kind of does the high school thing from a girl’s perspective really well. You can tell it was a labor of love for Tina Fey. Her intelligence shines through the whole thing and it will throughout the whole musical as well. I’m very excited that I’m lucky enough to be working on it.”

There’s no timeline yet for the project, but I’d say there’s a 99% chance you’re going to see Mean Girls: The Musical (or whatever they call it) become a very real thing. Given that I hate anything that involves cheesy singing and dancing, I’m not at all excited about this announcement. Although, seeing this on Broadway would be pretty awesome:

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