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North West’s First Photo, SEE THE CUTENESS

North West¬†photos have arrived! The Kim Kardashian and Kanye West spawn, made her television debut just now. Kanye West guest starred on his mother-in-law’s talk show, Kris.¬†Kris Jenner interviewed Kanye West about being a dad, being a douche and being Yeezus, blah, blah, blah let’s see those adorable North West photos! She’s got Yeezy’s cheeks, Kim’s soft skin and the bangs of a GOD.

I took as many photos as possible!

Look at those beautiful, PERFECT, eyebrows!

photo 1

Look at that deer in the headlights face!

photo 2

Look at that soft, supple skin!

photo 3

Look at those perfect bangs and hair that you know is as soft as a cloud. My goodness that is one cute baby!

photo 4

Us anticipating the moment!

Screenshot 47

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