Is a ‘Friends With Benefits’ Buddy Really Worth It?

Let’s just pretend for a second that Mila Kunis and Justin Timberlake were in an actual, realistic version of friends with benefits. Would they seriously fall in love in the end and be all ridiculously good looking while doing it? NO!


We know how it goes. Everything is awesome at first because it’s like, “Woo hoo! Sex with none of that annoying relationship crap? Count me in!” But then everything goes to crap when one person falls for the other and those pesky little feelings come in and screw everything up. Things can get really messy, really quickly.

There are no real guidelines or rules when it comes to a FWB relationship. Everyone has their own way of dealing with it and having one, but let me just say, that the ONLY way that a friends with benefits relationship works is if both people are 100% totally okay with no lovey-dovey stuff. Otherwise, you’re screwed.

So is FWB a good thing or a bad thing? Is it even worth starting?

Thankfully, the lovely ladies over at Gurl have made things a little bit more clear for us. Head on over there to see what Gurl’s Love & Sex expert, Caitlin, has to say!

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    1. crisgrim says:

      No it never works.

    2. Stephanie says:

      I met this guy 6months ago we became intimate friends he had a gf didn’t tell me until 3 months into our friendship but I couldn’t get mad cause we are just friends. After I found out he had a gf I know it’s wrong but I still messed around with him, he was over here a lot we had sex more than he was having sex with his gf. He said they lacked intimacy. It became strong to the point when I was with other men he got mad and would text and tell me how he loves me and it hurts him. Then when he was around his girlfriend I would get jealous and tell him he’s playing with my head. He broke up with his gf due to there sex issues he cried when he spoke to me about what happened. The next day he came over I was acting different because I felt like he was playing with me because one day he will say he can be with me because I have a child and he wants to start fresh with a female, but meanwhile he’s playing with my daughter 10mins later and then the next day say I want to marry you so bad. Or I love you more than a friend and then the next day we can’t take it further than friends but 30 mins later he’s grabbing me while I put clothes in the dryer and we lead to sexual in counters again. We talk every night on the phone and he comes every morning brings me to class and my daughter to daycare. To the grocery store All the time. the nights he does sleep over we cuddle we Go out in public together even when he had a gf. What kind of relationship is this I am confused.

    3. Alastriona says:

      It can work, but it is a must to make clear rules about it! I have a FWB for 8 months now, and it's really great. We promised that if one of us would fall in love with the other person, we would quit immediately. It is also really important to not involve emotions. After 4 months, we had a difficult time, because we became too attached to each other, we both started feeling more than friendship. That’s why we made new rules: No cuddling, only once a week we have sex and we never say sweet words to each other. And I must say, it’s the best sex I ever had and I enjoy it so much! He knows what he’s doing and he’s great in it! And we now even discuss the sex life we have apart from our FWB, no jealousy involved!

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