Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson to Star in “Fifty Shades of Grey” Movie

Yesterday E.L. James sent Twitter (and soccer moms everywhere) abuzz when she announced who would be starring in the movie adaptation of her runaway hit book series, Fifty Shades of Grey. After SO MUCH speculation on which actors would be cast– we even had a few hot guesses — she had this to say/tweet:

That’s right, Charlie Hunnam and Dakota Johnson will be playing Christian and Anastasia, respectively. Notice how Ian Somerhalder’s name wasn’t listed anywhere up there. Despite being the fan favorite and showing interest in the roll himself, E.L. James clearly wasn’t feeling Somerhalder as her S+M loving lead.

While Hunnam has starred in “Sons of Anarchy”, Johnson hasn’t really had any major roles yet (save for the short-lived “Ben and Kate”). Just who are these two actors? TMZ has the scoop, plus all breaking news on “Fifty Shades”.

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    1. Tesha says:

      i think the choices for Christian and Anastasia don't match the descriptions of the characters in the book. Why wouldn't you choose someone like Ian Somerhalder, a huge fan favorite. I've watched him in Vampire Diaries and was convinced no one could play the part of Christian any better. I'm greatly disappointed. Might just have to wait for the movie to come out on Netflix before I watch it. I was so looking forward to seeing at the movie theater.

      1. Agreed! While Charlie Hunnam is beginning to grow on me, I really pictured Christian played by Cillian Murphy — someone hot but terrifying.

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