15 Things Beyonce Taught Me About Life, Love And Friendship

Today is Beyonce’s 32nd birthday or B Day! ┬áMrs. Carter is aging quite gracefully and if I looked like one of Beyonce‘s ingrown hairs at any point in my life, I would be satisfied. CC thought we’d celebrate with some lessons Beyonce has taught us about life, love and friendship. Like, just because she said no one in Destiny’s Child would ever go solo doesn’t mean she can’t, like, go solo ’cause you know . . . things change.

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    1. Sophia says:

      ''…and if I looked like one of Beyonce’s ingrown hairs at any point in my life, I would be satisfied.'' This is why girls are so insecure! No offense, I don't know you, I'm sure you have enough self-esteem, but to put Beyoncé in such a high pedestal and treat her like she's God and not just a human being with plenty of success is not good for girl's confidence. I LOVE her music, don't get me wrong, but that is all she does. If I am or you are someone who does charity work or has an engineering degree or is a doctor/ nurse and saves lives, isn't that super important? More than singing and dancing? Why would we belittle that and think ''I'm never gonna be like Be, I wish I could even be as relevant!'' Well, aren't you relevant?!

      I don't wanna sound like a bitch and again, I love Beyoncé. This is just a bit of a rant 'cause I'm sick of people treating her (and some others) overrated people like Gods and Goddesses, instead of honoring real qualities and real heroes. I can dance to ''Single Ladies'' and sing to ''Who Run The World''. That being said, enough with all this ''She's the best and we're nothing compared to her''-type of things that I see on Twitter on all the time, she's just a human being, who only sings and dances and has some pretty awesome things and a really cool fierce style that we would all have if we were millionaires like her…

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