How to Deal With an Introverted Roommate

How do you deal with an introverted roommate? We may all want our roommate to be our best friend as well as the perfect person to live with, but introversion can put serious strain on the roomie relationship, particularly if you’re not exactly sure how to deal with introverted people. Here are a few key tips to dealing with life with an introverted roommate:

1. Remember, they don’t hate you. Just because your roommate doesn’t seem in the mood to speak or hang out, it doesn’t mean they secretly hate you. They’re not being a bitch, they probably just need some quiet time. Introverted people frequently feel drained from social interaction, so often when they get back to the room they’ll be in need of some alone time.

2. Encourage blunt honesty or create some kind of code. If you know your roommate is introverted, encourage him or her to tell you, straight up, when they need some time apart. If that’s too awkward, just come up with a little sign, like ‘headphones in, no talking’. This will reduce a lot of frustration and stress.

3. If you party together, make sure they have a safe way home, the key to get in, and don’t be offended if your roommate wants to leave early. Parties can be too much for introverted people. Don’t be surprised if your roommate has a sudden cut off point for social interaction and suddenly wants to go home.

4. Always warn your roommate if people are coming over. No introvert wants to walk in to their room to find a bunch of people they’re not in the mood to hang out with. Let your roommate know in advance to prevent an awkward situation where they’re unhappy.

5. Try to be out of the room sometimes. Put simply, sometimes introverts just need to be completely alone to recharge. Be considerate of this and try to schedule some time where you won’t be in the room for a bit, and text them to let you know when you’ll be gone so that they can take advantage of the empty room if needed.

Have you ever had to deal with an introverted roommate? How did you make sure the roomie relationship went smoothly? Leave a comment below!

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    1. Chelsea says:

      Great advice, my roommate freshman year was so quite that sometimes I would forget she was there.

    2. Caroline says:

      Am I the only one who feels like this article is talking about introverts as if they're some kind of fragile, difficult species who're different from "the rest of us"? We're all just people. The advice written is good advice, but the writing is a bit icky to me.

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