The Most Ignorant And Offensive Tweets From #WhyDoBlackPeople

Some idiot named Hunter Moore who fancies himself a “small town Christian boy,” decided to stir the shit pot by starting the hash tag #WhyDoBlackPeople. I would like to ask, why do black people what exactly—exist as human beings and have good days and bad days? Because those are the only generalizations you can make about any race’s experience based on that fact alone. If you want to get into sociology and anthropology then you can add a nuanced discussion of culture, which isn’t the same as race but let’s get real, you can’t do that on Twitter and even starting this hash tag is just away to incite prejudice and propagate stereotypes.

While the majority of the Tweeters appeared to be white there were people of all colors participating in this, including black people themselves. People who belong to a certain race have empirically never been above putting their own race down to assert themselves as “different” than the “rest of them” and of course they mean different as in better. Hash tags can be fun and clever but some of them just get to be down right ignorant.

Sigh. Whenever I get outraged by stuff like this or blackface, it’s because I know people like this exist. Not in some far away place—these people exist as members of my community, at places I may work in the future, in my country, right down the block, they exist and it deeply saddens me that anyone no matter who they are has to ever encounter prejudice even if it is casually over social media.

There were a few Tweeters who summed up the #WhyDoBlackPeople accurately.

Here are some of the worst offenders casually calling black people stupid, ugly and making fried chicken jokes.



    1. yeezerz says:

      Comme Des F*ckdown.

    2. commedesf*ckdown says:

      #myliverissoblack it makes sad rants on twitter instead of getting a real job

    3. Jesus says:

      quit your bitching

    4. Guy Dude says:

      There was a lot of #WhyDoWhitePeople tweets as well. This is all a joke for our little circle. No one was serious. We all love each other regardless of race and were just having fun joking with each other. It was you who decided to show only half of the story based on bias to your personal race when there was jokes about white people. It’s people like you who perpetuate racism. You are the problem.

    5. Derek Larson says:

      You dumb ass bitch it’s called a joke thanks for featuring me on the front of this article. Take the stick out of your ass and quit being so serious. You are the reason people kill people

    6. hello says:

      take your bitch ass off the internet, nobody wants you here

    7. Black Girl says:

      Judging by the comments section I'm going to assume some of you saw your own tweets here, yes? Otherwise you'd have no reason to be offended. The majority of these tweets are ignorant, half of them cant spell, and they're obviously racist. So unless you're a "big lipped, watermelon and chicken eating, purple drank sipping, loud mouth" black person like me, you quit YOUR bitching. We're offended and we aren't going to keep quiet about it.

    8. 123 says:

      If the writer finds this so reprehensible, she shouldn't bring any more attention to these tweets and just ignore the whole thing. But of course a little racial tension is always a nice way to generate clicks.

    9. andrew says:

      How about the million white people are cracker twitter trends I see on that pathetic website

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