65% Of Harvard Are Virgins, Point And Laugh!

A survey found that only 35% of Harvard freshman had sex prior to attending college. That sounds low but I think it’s actually totally normal and nothing to poke fun about. 81% said they lost their v-cards in high school, 62% said they had only one sexual partner. Millennials are such prudes these days. JK. I wonder what accounts for these numbers or if they are in actuality any lower than prior generations?

Here’s another tidbit about our LGBT friends, “Respondents who identify as homosexual or bisexual are more likely than their heterosexual counterparts to report that they have lost their virginity. Forty-five percent of homosexuals and 56 percent of bisexuals reported having sex versus 35 percent of heterosexuals. Of those freshmen who say that they are questioning their sexuality, only 20 percent said they have had sex.”

Oh yeah, get it, get it. Private school students were also more likely than public school students to be getting their freaks on. It must be those uniforms, holla. I think these numbers are normal and reflect the general landscape of where I went to school. Not everyone is interested or exposed to opportunities where they can have sex, some people don’t want to be, some people do. There are so many different reasons that attribute to these numbers and they should all be respected.

For more statistics on Harvard freshman student sexy times head over to The Crimson.

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    1. Charlotte says:

      30% of american girls get pregnant by the age of 20 – less than 2% gets a college degree by 30. Point and Laugh!

    2. Krystin says:

      I find it very hypocritical that if someone slut-shamed some girl you would be pissed, like when people talked about Miley Cyrus and her VMA's performance… but then you think it's ok to shame people who choose to wait for the right person! And unfortunately, it's not just this website. It's funny it's considered ''empowering'' if you post pics of yourself naked or do ''twerking'' or get drunk, but if you're in control of who you have sex with you and decide to choose someone who truly loves you and you don't get drunk and do stupid things you are a ''prude''. I don't even want to live in this society anymore… What a horror. No wonder there's a study saying people are getting dumber!

    3. no shame says:

      "it’s actually totally normal and nothing to poke fun about."
      Yes. But why does the title of this article make it seem like being a virgin is something to be ashamed about? I think virgin shaming is just as bad as slut shaming. People will have sex if they want to, and people will decline sex if they don't want to have sex. Simple.

      1. emeraldgritty says:

        The Crimson, which conducted the study, was making fun of its students, as were the other websites, like Gawker, which covered the study. I was being tongue-in-cheek with regards to the publications that were virgin shaming but that would only come across if you had read the other articles, in other words, you're right and my bad!

    4. theduckandtheowl says:

      I really feel like the title of this post should be changed. "Point and laugh" is so harsh. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a virgin and laughing at someone who is a virgin is ridiculous. And cruel. Everyone was a virgin at some point in their life.

    5. Krystin says:

      So, CollegeCandy, being the awful website it is, didn't post my comment, but hopefully this one will go up: I find it disgusting that this author, the same who was pissed that Miley Cyrus was being slut-shamed because of VMA's performance, thinks it's ok to do virgin-shaming. What a hypocrite. As if waiting for the right person is a crime and something to be judged. It's unbelievable to me how these days twerking, posing half-naked on Instagram pics, sleeping with everybody is ok, but if you wait for the right person, choose do something else instead of partying, like reading, travelling, studying, etc…, you're a ''prude''. I don't even wanna live in this world anymore…

    6. Sandra says:

      Interesting study, I wonder if this is also the same case with other Elite Unis like Yale…

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