Remember How Amazing Gel Pens Were For Creating Beautiful Works Of Art

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gel pens

Remember how amazing gel pens were when they first came around? Every chick in my class was drawing stupid swirly art on their notebooks and I was totally one of them. The only thing I actually remember now is how much ¬†money my parents spent on them because they dried out after about five seconds. Sometimes they even came dried out and I’d want to stab myself in the face because I was the uncoolest girl in elementary school.

This one girl wouldn’t be my friend because everyone had gel pens except me so I quietly berated my mom with pleases of social suicide until she got me a pack. Then I proceeded to scribble elaborate designs that said, “Jenny Is A Stupid Bitch,” on my trapper keeper just to let Jenny know that although I had conformed, it was not because I gave an F about what she thought.

Here’s 10 pieces of “beautiful” gel pen art that makes me nostalgic for mean girl mentality.


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