Remember How Amazing Gel Pens Were For Creating Beautiful Works Of Art

Remember how amazing gel pens were when they first came around? Every chick in my class was drawing stupid swirly art on their notebooks and I was totally one of them. The only thing I actually remember now is how much ¬†money my parents spent on them because they dried out after about five seconds. Sometimes they even came dried out and I’d want to stab myself in the face because I was the uncoolest girl in elementary school.

This one girl wouldn’t be my friend because everyone had gel pens except me so I quietly berated my mom with pleases of social suicide until she got me a pack. Then I proceeded to scribble elaborate designs that said, “Jenny Is A Stupid Bitch,” on my trapper keeper just to let Jenny know that although I had conformed, it was not because I gave an F about what she thought.

Here’s 10 pieces of “beautiful” gel pen art that makes me nostalgic for mean girl mentality.


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    1. Isabella says:

      It has been a long time since I used such pens. However judging from the photos it seems like I should use them again.

    2. Definitely true baby when it came first that was really amazing to all because there were so many fabulous color for creating beautiful drawing and that's why most of the artist used this Gel Pen. But I think that still so many brand new company have come with some beautiful pen which will help you to make any sort of drawing easily and I always use this pen. So I hope that people will try to use this sort of brand new company's pen to create new drawings and hopefully they will get tremendous satisfaction as well. Thanks

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