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It’s Grandparents Day! Call Your Nana!

Happy Grandparents Day! Today is the day when you absolutely, positively need to pick up your phone and call your nana! I know we always put off talking to our grandparents because life gets in the way. When talk to them, sometimes we may feel stuck or annoyed because if your grandparents were anything like mine–it’s hard to find common ground.

But I promise that once you get them going, you’ll probably have the most intellectual, stimulating, and interesting conversation you’ve ever had. Older people have so much knowledge, wisdom, and experience. We’re lucky enough to be able to benefit from that. And if you’re like me, and all of your grandparents have passed away, then you know even more how lucky people are.

If you’re still stumped on what to talk about with them or what to do with them on this fine Hallmark holiday, check out the gallery below!

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