Back to School Boot Camp: 5-Minute Cardio Intervals [CC’s ShapeU]

Welcome back for week two of the Back-to-School Boot Camp video series: this week’s focus is on cardio! For today’s video, I used part of a 50 minute class I teach on campus called RIPPED! Check out the super-fun interval routine that will definitely get your heart pumping, but leave you feeling energized and accomplished! It only takes about five minutes, and can be done virtually anywhere!

Remember to warm up before you start the intervals! This two-minute warm-up routine from SHAPE Magazine is easy and sets you up to get the most out of your workout. And don’t forget to cool down at the end! Pick a few of these easy stretches, and stretch out your muscles so you aren’t sore the next day!

Try it here:

Looking to make the workout more challenging? Complete it twice if you have the time!


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