The 10 Worst Things About Being in a Long Distance Relationship

Anyone in a long distance relationship will readily fight to argue how great they are. No one wants to prove people right and say that, actually, it can be pretty tough. Long distance couples will say ‘thank God for Skype’ rather than ‘last night I cried for three hours because I missed him so much’, just to prevent people from saying that it will never work.

Because, believe me, that’s what people think. There’s an assumption that long distance relationships will always end in unhappiness and unfaithfulness, despite the fact that, according to studies, 60% of people in long distance relationships do end up together. So, I am reluctant to admit that it isn’t all sunshine and rainbows in an LDR, even though we all know that it isn’t. No matter how much I love my relationship, there are 10 things that really really suck about being long distance…

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Are you in a long distance relationship? Leave a comment below telling us the best and worst parts of being long distance with your s/o!



    1. @MerDiann says:

      Every single thing on this list, exactly.

    2. Michela says:

      I agree with most of it, however I still think that you can move together after Long D. R. and have a great life together.

    3. Lau says:

      exactly so

    4. cheryl marumi says:

      I agree w/ d social research that 60% of LDR falls only to unhappy ending. But due to that who knows that my relationship is one of those 40%hu gonna pull the trigger for d succes of their affections? Despite of i still have d confidence of putting my trust to the one i love even if he’s a million miles away. Becouse i believe,love trully conquers all,really long endurance/love is patience.

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