I’m Sick Of People Judging My Fake Boobs

Yes, I have fake boobs. I don’t shave my pubes because I like to be natural but I do have fake boobs. For my 18th birthday I got to pick between the practicality of my own car or the vanity of a boob job, I went with the boob job. I have no regrets!

I am a flat chested gal and I don’t mean for my boob job to shame other tiny boobed girls but it was just something I was really self conscious about when I was a teenager. My two older sisters and my mom have perfect Bs and Cs and I couldn’t even fill an A. People would tease me in middle school when everyone else was filling out. “Amber’s got pimples on her chest!” “Amber’s got two bug bites!” “Amber’s light as a feather, stiff as a board.” They’d call me Spongebob because I was square and curve-less. It sucked and gave ole Amber a chip on her shoulder about the boob stuff.

I thought with my new ta-tas people would finally shut up about my breasts but instead they just throw shade at me. Let’s get real, fake boobs are obviously fake. They look like gum drops not like regular boobs and you can pretty much see that someone has had work done. They even feel different.

Yes, you can visibly see that my breasts aren’t “real,” but they’re mine, I own them! I feel more confident with them and my confidence is the sexiest part of me. I was so insecure about my appearance I’d avoid speaking up, going out and just being myself but after my boob job I had all this new confidence that allowed me to do all the things I couldn’t before. Why would anyone want to take that away from me by calling me a bimbo or telling me that I make women look bad when in fact I make women look good by having confidence and standing up for myself?

Having cosmetic surgery doesn’t mean that I am crazy, or superficial or stupid, it means that society is all of those things because I wouldn’t have felt like I needed a boob job if people didn’t make me feel like I needed bigger boobs. If we stopped going around telling people that they should define their womanhood by their breast size or curves or their ability to make sandwiches in the kitchen, then yes, there might be less boob jobs and maybe I wouldn’t have felt so much relief when I got mine.

Yet, even if that wasn’t the case, even if I just wanted a boob job who even cares? What is the big deal? It’s my body and I can do what I want with it. I don’t go around telling people that they should get nose jobs or facelifts, so people shouldn’t feel the need to tell me I look “fake” at dinner parties when I’ve known them for approximately two seconds.

There is famine, war and oppression and these are just boobs. Get over it.

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    1. archfriar says:

      So you didn't come by them in the usual way. Who cares? You got your money's worth. Love the boobs.

    2. Christina says:

      ''Having cosmetic surgery doesn’t mean that I am crazy, or superficial or stupid, it means that society is all of those things because I wouldn’t have felt like I needed a boob job if people didn’t make me feel like I needed bigger boobs.''

      So, according to your logic, society says something is wrong with you and you immediately change it, without even questioning it? I am brunette with brown eyes, a B-cup and only 5'4. If I listened to society who always compliments blue eyes, says gentleman prefer blondes and looks up to statuesque supermodels, I would have killed myself because then what's the point of living if I don't look like that?

      I'm sorry to say this, and it may offend you, but I hope you see it as a lesson from someone who has recovered from anorexia rather than a personal attack : you clearly were 18 when you got that boob job. I read that women feel the sexiest (and most confident) at 34, and you know why? 'Cause that's when they claim to start loving their bodies no matter the size and have realized something you're too young and immature to understand, but time will teach you: YOU CAN'T PLEASE EVERYBODY.

      Of course they make fun of your small breasts. And big breasts, and big nose or crooked teeth or the fact you're too tall or too short or overweight. But life is about learning that you make your own happiness no matter what. Take responsibility for it and don't blame society or anybody because it's your life and your body.

      I don't dislike plastic surgery as a whole, I just don't think it's ok when people do it for the wrong reasons, and saying society made you feel like doing it is a wrong reason. Again, don't take this personally, no disrespect, I'm just trying to be a ''big sister'' here and show another perspective that may (hopefully) help you.

      Much happiness, and I hope you learn to love your beautiful, gorgeous self just the way God has made you❤

      1. Monica says:

        I have fake breasts too and I find this reply perfection. I never got them because I thought society told me I NEEDED them but because *I* wanted them. It had nothing to do with society and more from the sagging skin left after losing half my body weight. I didn't want to look 'bigger' but I wanted to look like a 21 year old young woman and I honestly wasn't looking it before hand.

        I also have a hard time reading how you weren't confident before the boob job. I was very confident and wore the exact same thins I wear now because it was never about pleasing others and it was never about me being insecure of my breasts and that's where I have a bone to pick with people. You don't need to be insecure to get something done… in fact, you shouldn't be insecure when you DO get something done because the result will NEVER please you in the long run.

    3. Anne says:

      I'm glad that you did what made you happy. I don't really see how it's any different from getting braces or going on acne medication.

    4. Stefanie says:

      I think the main thing is that you are happy with them, it does not matter what the others think.

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