10 Misguided Lessons From She’s All That

She’s All That is a quintessential late ’90s teen movie starring Freddie Prinze Jr. as a sexy young man and Rachel Leigh Cook as a hideous young lady. The story is simple a girl wears glasses and a ponytail thus making her very ugly. The popular boy in school makes a bet with his date rapist friend to prove that he can turn any ugly girl with glasses and a ponytail into prom queen. Except the popular boy ends up falling in love with the ugly chick only after Sookie Stackhouse gives her a makeover and makes her look like a beauty queen by unravelling her ponytail and providing her with contact lenses. She’s All Thatlike many teen movies, teaches us that the only way a girl can find true love is by conforming to conventional beauty standards and submitting to a man’s idea of what is socially appropriate.

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    1. gust says:

      what where is she and her mom

    2. gust says:

      at her moms

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