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10 Drinking Hacks For Your Boozy Weekend, You Wino

First of all: If you are not 21 do not read this. Your face will burn off and melt and disintegrate into mush because your pure innocent eyes are not of legal drinking age. If you’re 21, come a little closer sugar because I’ve got the secrets of the universe (the alcohol ones) below in gallery form. Drinking is easy, drinking smartly takes a little more time and Googling.

Do you ever get sick of having to watering down your delicious white wine with ice cubes? Are you ever frustrated because your beer is warm but YOU WANT IT NOW? Are you sick of getting caught sneaking in alcoholic beverages to music festivals, movie theaters and parks? Then this is the post for you. 10 alcoholic, sneaky booze hacks to make drinking more convenient so you can get drunk even faster.

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