Things Are Getting Real Fiesty in the Country Music World

I’ve always had a soft spot for country music. I’m the person who makes country music (lots of pop country, I won’t lie) playlist and jams out to it alone in my bedroom or in my car. For some reason, a lot of people hate so hard on country music, but there is just something about country that I love. From Dolly Parton to Rascal Flatts to Miranda Lambert and Johnny Cash, I’m a fan! Who doesn’t love a good country song?

Well, apparently, Zac Brown, lead singer of the Zac Brown Band isn’t really feeling fellow country act, Luke Bryan’s new tune, “That’s My Kind of Night.”

Brown completely slammed Bryan’s song in the press.

Brown went off on the song to a Vancouver radio station and called out Bryan’s new single.

He said, “I love Luke Bryan, and he’s had some great songs, but this new song is the worst song I’ve ever heard. I see it being giant commercially, successful within what is called country music these days, but I also feel like that the people deserve something better than that.”

THE WORST SONG HE’S EVER HEARD? The man obviously isn’t familiar with Rebecca Black’s work, but that’s neither here nor there. Brown totally dug himself into a hole with the comments. Luke Bryan has a lot of fans that were not happy with the remarks, and with the success of Bryan’s song, I think we know who will have the last laugh.

I thought most of the artists in the country music scene were friends, but little did I know, there are tons of celebrity feuds! Who doesn’t love a good feud? Check out the gallery below and see who else besides Brown and Bryan have gone head to head!

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    1. I'm what they call a red dirt fan here in Texas. I love my country so country that they don't play it on the radio (note: that DOES not mean only "local" music, Kasey Musgraves gets bigger everyday and one of her songs will never be played on mainstream radio). While I acknowledge Brown can be a bit of a jerk, he has a point about Luke Bryan's new song. Every time I hear it, I change the station. It's just a bad song. I completely understand WHY it is popular. Lots of songs are popular for a moment especially when they're "different". However, in the not too distant future this song will be on VH1's worst songs of the 10's (or something to that nature), the way spice girls are looked back on for being popular but, let's face it, not very good.

    2. Hah, it's perfect for the average country fan. It ain't country, it's country-themed.

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