iOS 7 Is Crashing The Internet At Mad Colleges

College campuses have been reporting that iOS 7 has been crashing their internet wifi. Apple’s iOS 7 iPhone update came out last week and everyone is, for lack of a better term, busting a nut over it. At the CC office, everyone was anxious to download the new software for their iPhones. To each person’s dismay there was a 4 hour download wait because the entire universe decided they needed iOS 7 at the same time.

I still haven’t updated because well, I don’t really care that much but I understand the need for newness, especially if you’ve had the same phone for a while. Apparently so many people are trying to update their phones at various universities they are sucking the internet dry. Bummer for people with Samsung Galaxies.

Personally, I like to wait a while before updating my iPhone because there is usually a ton of problems with the initial update. For example, CC Editor Alex suddenly didn’t have phone service and couldn’t receive calls for a while.

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