Lena Dunham’s Prada Dress Looked Like 8 Lovely Things At The Emmys *Snort*

Lena Dunham wore a floral length Prada dress to the Emmys and let’s just say that dress did nothing for her. I was quite surprised because Lena is usually well dressed. I guess like many celebs do from time to time, she had an off day last night. Needless to say, everyone hated Lena’s outfit.

The Sydney Morning Herald writes, “She wore a teal floral Prada number with matching eyeshadow. The big colours, the cutesy print, the full skirt and the shoulder tatts was an unfortunately unflattering combination on the beloved star.” I didn’t think her tattoos clashed with the outfit, I just think the dress is oddly shaped and the print is too large scaled for something with so much volume.

Jezebel said, “Uh… Girls star Lena Dunham in Prada. Sigh. Floral can be fabulous, but this thing veers into Mexican tablecloth territory.”

Fashion bloggers took to Twitter dish out disses.

Like I mentioned above, I think the problem with this particular dress is that it is just so freaking long and voluminous. I am not sure who would look good in this besides someone who is maybe six feet all. Lena’s waist disappeared and as far as vanity goes when a dress doesn’t accentuate your waist it probably will look like you’re being eaten by a Target comforter. What was the most bizarre part was that because the dress had so much volume it turned her into this gigantic looking cone shape. It wasn’t doing the Girls writer any favors.

As far as styling goes she matched her eye makeup to her dress which according to Bohomoth is a no-no, “Rule of thumb, don’t match your eyes to the colour of your dress – black is the only exception, and even there you’re in Goth territory.”

I’m not sure why she picked this garment. It is 100% possible that it just looks better in real life and if she is comfortable in it, then good for her. I certainly don’t hate it but I think it’s sort of goofy looking, which is why I am doing a goofy post about it. Lena Dunham’s Prada dress is almost comparable to that Kim Kardashian’s floral couch print dress debacle.

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    1. JoeSchmoe says:

      No one wants to look that fugly on purpose.
      Her eye makeup was applied by a palsied blind child. Her hair was cut with hedge clippers. And that dress? Someone somewhere is missing a bad tablecloth.
      Lena Dumptruck needs at least one honest friend to tell her how stupid she looks.

      1. Mini_20xo says:

        Are you freaking retarded?! Lena is beautiful regardless of her bad haircut and dress! EVERY woman has bad fashion days. Seriously, grow up!

    2. confusedalotofthetime says:

      Wow harsh comment, the look has actually grown on me to the point where I think that she does look absolutely beautiful, Claire daines was the only woman who I thought could have dressed a little better, her dress was beautiful, she is beautiful but unfortunately I think it wasn't the right dress to accentuate her figure. possibly something that showed leg but covered her top just as frilly and lacy would have been nice.

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