Pepsi And Rape? Change Your Font, Pepsi

Our homegirls over at The Frisky found this picture of a logo for Pepsi’s new collaboration with a brand called Aape. Unfortunately their font choice is extremely questionable and it looks like the sign says Pepsi and Rape. I can’t imagine the number of people who had to approve this that didn’t see what is pretty obvious. Yikes.

In Other News

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    1. TheGirl says:

      Well you see, the problem is the ones who looked at it were men. A lot of corporations have this issue. Remember the liquor company advert who had a title like "Unlike Some People, [Name of Liquor] Always Goes Down Smoothly" and it showed a smiling guy bear-hugging a terrified woman from behind. The company barely apologized for the ad. Had there been more women making the decisions, this wouldn't have passed through.

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