The Pros And Cons Of Going To Graduate School

I am thinking of going to graduate school. I’ve always planned/dreamed of getting an advanced degree, becoming a college professor, writing many books and spending my free time volunteering in some capacity. Yes, that is my dream life or one version of it. Lately, I’ve been feeling a bit useless. It could be the quarter life crisis coming on. I have an awesome life but I feel mentally unchallenged and I loved school so I am feeling the pangs of wanting to go back.

So, if any of our readers are grad students I’d love for you all to chime in. I know there are some careers where you simply have to have an advanced degree and mine is not, which is why I’ve come to a crossroads.


* I’d have the opportunity to study, grow and challenge myself with likeminded individuals.

* Instead of waiting until I was older to go back to school, I’d be starting much earlier than expected and putting myself on the path to professor-hood.

* College is enriching and I would be using my free time to make myself a better person instead of just watching Twisted. 


* It costs money. However, if I go back to college I do not plan on incurring more debt. I plan on attending a CUNY so that the cost is quite minimal or basically free because I am a NYC resident.

* Another degree would not benefit my current career, only the one I imagine myself having, and working full time while attending classes maybe unmanageable.

* CUNYs have limited options in terms of what I want to study, so I’d be settling on some level.

What do you guys think? Would you go back to college (imagine it is free) just for personal enrichment? An MFA in Creative Writing or Masters in Media Studies won’t make me more hirable but it will make me more knowledgeable, happier and very stressed.

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    1. Pray4meplz says:

      You should do it.. I am currently feeling the same way. I graduated in May and now I feel like I need to go back and enrich my knowledge with further education so I am in the process of applying to grad school. The only con for me is getting the money to go. I remain hopeful that I will obtain a graduate assistantship. I really really need one!

    2. PostGradLiving says:

      I also agree that you should do it. I applied for a program at the last minute after graduating in May and wish I would have gotten in. Life is definitely different without school and I think it would increase your chances of getting whatever your dream job is. Also, being a black woman as well I feel like I need something else to boost my chances of getting a job, that having a bachelors is not good enough. I'm starting to feel as if having a bachelors is becoming the norm and you need something extra to prove yourself and set you apart from the rest.

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