10 Books Banned For Sexual Content…You’ll Never Guess What Made the List!

Reading is fundamental — unless it’s about sex.

PopSugar highlighted 10 books that have been recently wiped from the bookshelves at schools. Censorship, in this day in age? Contrary to popular belief, literature has been censored more frequently than we think in the 21st century. I bet you didn’t know a book can be taken off the required reading list by just one complaint from a parent!

Just when adolescents thought they were getting away with something, their parents were a step ahead of them. As they usually are. (Don’t you hate that?)

I remember TTYL floating around the school tables back in my day. It won’t be floating around any cafeteria tables in Texas, because TTYL has been banned for vulgar language and sexual content.

Fifty Shades of Grey was banned as well. What a shocker! Libraries in Florida deemed this material “semi-pornographic.” One could only imagine why…

I had my share of books that could’ve been confiscated in school, but that just made them way more fun to read.

What books make your “could-be banned” list?



    1. Sabrina says:

      I was quite impressed by this list. Having read 50 Shades recently I can highly recommend this book,

      1. Kristin Corry says:

        Really? I disliked 50 Shades but not for it’s sexual content. But I’m sure it’s great nonetheless.

    2. Aly says:

      I have yet to read Fifty Shades of Grey, but I still want to! The things I've heard haven't really been good, but it does sound interesting!

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