5 Things Girls Won’t Do In Front of a Guy They Like

As women, we want the world to think we fart fairy dust and smell like flowers 24/7. I remember my mother telling my father that women “don’t pass gas,” but when no one was looking that was a different story. There are just some things women don’t feel comfortable enough to allow the men in their lives to bear witness to. We should feel secure enough to know that if they’re into us ,they’ll take us for who we are. Even if our farts are silent — but deadly.

Chowing Down

Dating etiquette tells us that during the first couple of dates we should probably order a smaller meal, all the while being cautious of messy foods. But if that man is really for you, he will encourage your appetite! If you’re hungry, there is nothing a few leaves of lettuce will do for you. Eat! You don’t have to be a pig, but don’t be willing to pass out for the sake of looking dainty.  

Dumbing Down Your Intelligence

Society tells us that men want to feel needed and “like men,” but does this mean that women have to wear a muzzle to stroke his ego? There is a way to display your intelligence without coming off as a know-it-all. There is actually nothing attractive about a woman that has the knowledge but dilutes it for the company she keeps. There are other ways to make men feel like men. Let him do some handyman duties around your apartment.

Staying Beautified 

I didn’t encounter this problem until I stayed in a co-ed dorm during my sophomore year. There were so many girls walking around with full faces of makeup — all day. First thing first, you shouldn’t deceive that man like that. If you feel as though he won’t like you without more than some mascara and lip gloss, this probably isn’t someone you want to associate yourself with. Not to mention keeping your makeup on all day is terrible for your skin.

Hair maintenance was also an issue. It is easy to want your hair to be cute at night, but during those overnight stays when you wake up and it looks a mess, who will be there to help you? Not him. Protect those tresses, even if it means looking a little goofy at night.

Catching Z’s

I’ve already told you that as college students, we are not getting enough rest. As silly as it sounds, don’t be afraid to sleep in front of him. Quit trying to look like Sleeping Beauty. Chances are you’re going to snore and/or drool and it’s going to get ugly. He may even get an elbow to the face, but who can blame you… you’re sleeping!

Work Out

Working out with men can be extremely intimidating, so I can understand not wanting to work out with your boyfriend. But when it comes to all those other prissy woman excuses, that’s where I draw the line. Yes, he’s going to see you sweat. And yes, your hair will be out of place. I’m sure guys dig the disheveled look. He won’t love you any less.

I personally am in favor of letting it all out there when you’re really with someone. But that may be why I’m single. Awkward…

What are some things you would never do in front of your man?

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    1. Megan says:

      The only thing I had not considered was working out in front of him. I love working out! But I never let him come with me because, lets be serious, I am not going to keep up with his pushups. I don't want him lording how much stronger he is at e-z-curl…

      But for everything else yes! Eat that bacon cheese burger like no ones business, but maybe wipe your mouth before talking. : )

      1. Kristin Corry says:

        LOL! I feel the same way. If you can't be yourself then why go through the trouble of being with them?

    2. Tonya says:

      This last line has me cracking up! Maybe that is the reason why everybody in the 4-1-1 is manless….whomp whomp…

    3. Julia says:

      Quite a interesting list, I especially agree with the intelligence part.

      1. Kristin Corry says:

        Thank you. It goes even further than intelligence. Some women will be a completely different person in front of their men. That’s not okay.

    4. Guest 1 says:

      I agree with most of them except for the one about wearing a full face of makeup all day. Most girls don't wear makeup to impress men. They do it because they like it. Yes, mascara and lip gloss is perfectly fine but that doesn't apply to everyone's level of creativity.

      The bit about the food I can so relate with! I honestly don't care what I eat as long as I'm enjoying myself:)

    5. dating fails says:

      Men like a little mystery when they’re dating you. They still like some mystery after they’ve been snagged and bagged. So no matter how comfortable and cozy you’ve gotten with your boo, take note of above list of things you’re better off not doing in front of him…ever………..

      1. Kristin Corry says:

        I never thought about it that way! Great perspective!

    6. Joyce says:

      Fuck this shit! I never hide my true self from anyone. I know other ways to keep a relationship interesting without having to hide who I am. If I go on a date and I feel like ordering wings covered in garlic sauce, I'm going to do that. If I feel to show off my intelligence at any given time, I'll do it.

      1. Kristin Corry says:

        Go ‘head! That’s the spirit!

    7. Gipsy Dharma says:

      I think most men actually find it attractive to see a girl working out. Why do you think there are so many guys trying to help girls with their "form"?

      1. Kristin Corry says:

        This is also true! It’s just super intimidating sometimes.

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