Most Beautiful Kanye West Meltdown *Ever* Has Occurred!

It’s ON between Jimmy Kimmel and Kanye West!

Last night Jimmy Kimmel ran a skit where kids reenacted an absurd interview Kanye West recently gave on the UK’s BBC Radio 1. In the interview, he says he invented leather running shorts, and then had the idea stolen from him; he claimed to be the biggest rock star on the planet; he credits Michael Jackson with helping him become better than Michael Jackson. The whole thing is basically ridiculous and chock-full of soundbites dying for a parody.

That’s why, when Jimmy had a go at making fun of the rapper, people thought it was funny. It was funny! But not to Kanye West. It took him to time at all to log on Twitter and go on another ALL CAPS TIRADE AGAINST JIMMY KIMMEL #ALLDISRESPECTTOJIMMYKIMMEL. It makes the whole Kimmel sketch that much funnier, and proves that Kanye is in fact a child.

To read more of the tweets and watch Kimmel’s sketch, head to TMZ!

[Lead image via YouTube]

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