Win a College Care Pack from “Modern Family”! [Giveaway]

Back to school season came to a close a couple weeks ago, however don’t think that means care packages have to slow down! Whether you’re a new freshman on campus, or an old pro at the college thing, everyone loves getting mail. One of my most vivid memories of college was the way everyone used to flip out when they got a package notification — What was it? Who could it be from? Was there food inside?

We’ve partnered with ABC’s “Modern Family” to bring you a great giveaway that will have you running to the campus mail room. In the comments below, tell us the most cringe-worthy story of how your parents have embarrassed you, and you’ll be entered for a change to win a copy of “Modern Family” Season 4 on Blu-ray, gift card for stocking your college┬ádorm room, and Phil Dunphy’s infamous “Phillow” case.

A winner will be chosen October 6th! CLOSED

Don’t forget to watch “Modern Family” Wednesday nights at 9PM EST!



    1. Jackie C. says:

      My dad talked nonstop for an hour about the eagles between Iowa and Illinois while driving some friends back to college. He then proceeded to ask if he could come party with us sometime and what bars where the most fun because an after drive drink and hang out would be fun

    2. Maria says:

      I was grocery shopping with my dad and my crush passed by us and said hi. As he was walking away my dad said loudly, 'Isn't he the guy you spend hours on the internet looking at pictures of him?'. My crush heard him, it was so embarrassing!

    3. Will G says:

      My parents used to tell girls I had just met about how much of a computer geek I really am.

    4. Izzy says:

      When I broke my tailbone in college, my mom called my boyfriend and told him to buy me stool softener…

    5. Vivian says:

      One time I was my dad's + 1 at his extended cousin's daughter's wedding. When we sat down at the table with his old highschool friends, he introduced me as his girlfriend…AND HIS FRIENDS BELIEVED HIM. One of them even said "nice work!"….

    6. Kathleen says:

      One time, over Easter break, my parents and I were traveling to my aunt's house a few states over. My stomach was feeling a little nauseous, and before I knew it, I was screaming and begging for my parents to pull over. They stopped at a diner in the middle of nowhere and I had the worst case ever of diarrhea. My parents thought it was hilarious and announced it loudly to everyone at my aunt's house when we got there, most of whom I didn't even know (they were my aunt's friends). It still mortifies me today.

    7. Kristen says:

      I grew up in the 90s and my dad was one of the older dads — old enough that he wore short shorts and didn't think it was strange becuase back in the day, a ton of guys wore them. He used to come and pick me up from school wearing his size-too-small short shorts. They weren't so small that they were completely inappropriate, but no 50 year old man should show that much hairy leg

    8. Brigitte E says:

      We were having dinner with my whole family and some friends in a restaurant, and I was sitting next to my mom and we were talking really low because everyone else was having a conversation, and all of the sudden she kinda yells: "Your tits look so small in that shirt!!!" and it was the exact moment when everyone got quiet because food was being served. of course everyone laughed and i felt so embarrassed at the moment haha

    9. Theodora V. says:

      My mom has a tendency to usually freak out when my brother and I don't answer her phone calls and my freshman year was no different. My phone had died after a long day at the library and I had probably missed 30 calls, 20 of which were from my lovely mother. When I got to my dorm room there was a note on the door "Theodora, you're mother has called campus police multiple time, please call her back." Long story short it was hilarious/mortifying because not only did the Resident advisors remember this the rest of the year but my mother called the campus police more after this "incident." The really funny part is I was really studying.

    10. rachel says:

      I was seeing a guy in high school and he came over to give me a Christmas gift. My dad and uncle, who was visiting from out of state, came into the room holding a machete. Just holding it, hanging out. They totally wanted to scare that poor guy. Well, that relationship didn't work out (a good thing in the long run) but I was scarred for life.:)

    11. sam says:

      My dad is a typical loud greek man, so when he got a text saying that I had a boyfriend (not allowed to until i'm married) and that the non-greek slapped the shit out of me, my dad had a meltdown. By calling the phone company and getting my approximate location my dad got the precise address by facebook messaging my closest friends. When he finally got into the apartment by breaking a window my guy's roommates almost shit their pants. I don't know how my guy and I are still together, especially after being called a fucking malaka (masturbator/asshole) and getting hit with a flyswatter. Don't get caught lying with Greek parents, found that out the hard way.

    12. heta s says:

      Back home in India (early 90s)I never liked to ask favors from my friends and my mom embarrassed me all the time. Once my father was sick and I said, I will pick his report from doctor's after this friend leaves who had a scooter. My mom said to my friend that I am too ashamed to ask for a ride so if for my sick father's sake, she can pick the report..I hated her at that time so much.

    13. bill norris says:

      Now that im older i get why this happened but still it sucks to remember. Growing up my dad got injured on the job and money was tight, so my mom got frugal and started hitting up garage sales for our school clothes. Now the sales she went to were of course were at the parents of the kids that seemed to notice i was wearing the out of era style type clothes that they had stopped wearing. So now as an adult i get why she did it but as a kid getting teased about your clothes every day was so not cool.

    14. steve weber says:

      my parents use to pull my pants down to spank me in front of all my friends.

    15. David H. says:

      My mom had this boyfriend, who is now her ex. He didn't like me at all, and he would criticize me every day. So one day, while I was talking to my friends, my mom came up to me and asked me 'Are you gay?', right in front of my friends! It turns out that her boyfriend told her all these lies about me, and made up stories about me. She believed him! So, since I wasn't out to anyone, my friends basically disowned me, and they left me alone. So, yeah, that left a scar on my life for good.

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