12 GIFs Of Hamsters Being A-Freaking-Dorable

Hamsters have long been overlooked as a viably cute animal to gawk at over the internet. Well, it stops now! Yes, hamsters are rodents, but rodents are cute too. Even a raccoon is adorable if you over look its claws and potential rabies. Mice are friendly, smart and squishy as long as they are clean. Hamsters, oh my, now you’re talking my language. Those round little cheeks and beady little eyes. Let’s get real, they work out more than I do in their little wheels but they also eat as much as I do. Have you ever seen a hamster eat a carrot? It’s like¬†chomp chomp chomp.¬†No seriously, it’s a cartoonish act of eating a giant piece of corn in two bites. I think I’ve found my spirit animal, peeps.

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    1. Maria says:

      Love that gives, they make me smile a lot:-)

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