4 Menswear Looks We’re Loving for Women

Fashion is forever evolving and I think, as women, we get the best deal when it comes to clothes. We can wear both men and women’s clothes and look just as fierce. When it comes to wearing men’s clothes, there is a fine line between hot and absolutely not. I personally don’t like buying things like boyfriend jeans from the woman’s department. I know they are tailored to fit looser and all that jazz, but I think it takes away from the character of the outfit a little bit. Guys clothes isn’t supposed to fit you perfectly or sit on your hips perfectly, they are made for guys! The whole point of the trend is to, in my opinion, have the swagger to be able to pull off something that doesn’t sit perfectly on you.

That being said, I sure all the things I have here can be found in the woman’s section under a “boyfriend” style. But trust me, try wearing actual men’s clothes and watch how hot of a look it is.¬†Either way, if you don’t have the swagger, the clothes won’t really matter. (Yes, I just dropped a rhyme, go with it.)

So I have a few things that I think look great on a women that you can probably find in any mans closet!

1. Boyfriend Jeans- Now they don’t actually have to be your boyfriends jeans, brother jeans work well too. These are great for dressing comfortably with a fitted top and some tennis shoes. Or if you want to dress them up they also look great with pumps and maybe a cute sheer button down!

These are from Asos and they are super adorable and comfortable! Check them out!

2. Flannel Shirts- Nothing is better than a cozy worn in flannel shirt on a cold day. I personally prefer wearing guys flannel shirts because they are looser, usually thicker, and they are longer! These look great with leggings on with a pair of boots!

This flannel is from Club Monaco, I love the dark colors because they are easier to match with a bag, and accessories! Check it out!

3. Men’s Cardigans- Now I know women have cardigans too but men’s cardigans, much like the flannel shirt tend to be longer and bigger, so they work great for layering and being comfortable! Wear this cardigan with a tank and jeans and you have a great outfit for a fall day!

This cardigan from H&M is probably one of my favorites, I have one just like it because I borrowed it from my brother a few years back and never returned it. Check it out here!

4.Tee Shirts- Finally, one of my personal favorites, is the tee shirt. Any sort of tee shirt is great from a guys closet. If its a white tee rock it with some skinny jeans and tuck it in and you’re set. A graphic tee is great with leggings and maybe even throw his flannel on top too! And his college tees are great for working out!

This tee from Urban Outfitters is super cool and edgy! I would love this look for like a movie, or running errands. Take a look!

These are my favorites, what are yours? The more ideas the merrier! I mean think about it, if we can wear guys clothes, we just doubled out wardrobes! Who wouldn’t want that?

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