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Love the Preppy Look? Here are Over 40 Affordable Outfit Ideas!

If you ask my best friend Ashley, nothing beats a cardigan, a ribbon belt and some dark wash skinny jeans when you’re trying to look pulled together in the morning. She’s my own personal Blair Waldorf, Queen of Headbands and Preppy Fashion. Whenever I’m trying to look country club chic, I just roll over to her room and hold up options until I get her sparkling seal of approval. (Sidenote: Does “sparking seal of approval” make anyone else think of a Lisa Frank creature?)

Since most of you reading this don’t have Miss Ashley at your disposal, I’ve got the next best thing — 45 mix n’ match outfit ideas to help you get that fabulous preppy look. Call Muffy and Bunny and tell them, “Dahling! I’m in the mood for a bit of croquet! Come around and bring the Chardonnay!”

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