The Best Tweets From #ThingsYouNeverWantToHear

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Here are a few #things*I*neverwanttohear: Sallie Mae called, Amber. I don’t give head, Amber. I forgot to Tivo Pretty Little Liars, Amber. You can’t mix Benadryl and vodka just because you’re going on a long flight, Amber. There’s a new iPhone OS update. Miley Cyrus BLAAAAAAH. 

Those are just a few of the many things I would like to go a few weeks or twelve seconds without hearing. What’s up with guys who don’t give head, by the way, are they too scurred to get up in my Oreo? The lovely people who actually participate in Twitter hashtags have provided us with some exchanges we’d like to add to our #That’sTheShitIDon’tLike lists.

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