The Yale Poopetrator Was A Hoax, Used Chocolate Not Poop

We’ve been chronicling the adventures of the Yale “poopetrator,” a student who was mysteriously pooping in other students’ laundry. After a school and police investigation, the poopetrator smeared poop on a bunch of clothes hanging on a clothing line then sent out an email saying, “Last time, promise,” that was sort of brilliant/tongue in cheek/terrifying.

ku-xlarge (8)

However, after further investigation the poop on the clothing line turned out to be chocolate. Nevertheless, the poop in the laundry could still be poop. Sounds like the clothing line was just a poopetrator copy cat, capitalizing on fame.

Some students believe this to be a senior “secret society’s” prank others just think it’s gross. Has there ever been an ongoing saga of something weird at your university?



    1. Saskia says:

      I never liked this character in Southpark, but it is good to know that it is chocolate not the other thing.

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