10 Cats Knocking Things Over Like Jerks GIFs

Why are cats jerks? Because the only emotion a cat is capable of feeling is contempt. [See diagram below.] I hate when people ask me if I am a cat or a dog person because I am simply an animal person. I definitely relate to the disposition of a cat: annoyed, in a perpetual state of hunger, emotionally detached, socially disinterested, chic and fashionable, etc., etc.,. Nevertheless, I cannot deny the appeal of a stupid happy dog that falls in love with everybody whom he meets. I’ve had cats and dogs my whole life, except for now, so I must admit, cats are jerkfaces. They lack empathy for other creatures (can you blame them, though?) and behave in a sort of self interested manner. No regard for you sofa: SCRATCH! SCRATCH! SCRATCH! Not interested in hanging out unless you’re going to feed them. Sleeping on your face at night to suffocate you, just so that they curl up in a ball and get warm.

But the WORST is when they just start knocking shit over. WHY? FOR NO REASON BUT TO SPITE YOU! OMG CATS!

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