Find Your Way Out of a Life Rut with This Priceless Advice

We’ve all been there, stuck in a place with no where left to turn, just completely and utterly lost. It’s probably one of the worst places to be.  Over at TheFrisky they’ve given a few tip on how to get out of that rut. Cool thing is, none of the tips include: eating, Netflix binges, perpetual sadness or any of the other things you more than likely do when you’re stuck in that rut. And if you say you haven’t been in that place, I assure you at some point during your college career you will get there; it will suck, but at least you’ll have some tips to help you out!

My personal favorite tip of theirs is reading, because there’s something about hearing someone else’s adventures or troubles that always seems to get me feeling better and on the move!

[Lead image via Mimadeo/Shutterstock]

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