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14 Celebrities Who Won’t Stop Sexting Us AKA Thirsty Celebs On Instagram


I know we are a part of the TMI generation but sometimes I feel like I am in a relationship with a few popular celebrities. Nicki Minaj, Azealia Banks and Kim Kardashian have all posted some racy pics this week on Instagram. Their lives have become a part of my life because, well, I see them everyday, I hear about them everyday, sometimes I criticize their actions and sometimes I defend them. Best of all or worst of all, they send me nude, sexy pics. Yes, they do. They send them to everyone. It’s their job to stay relevant, to spark controversy, to get talked about and the easiest way to do that is by hitting send on a racy photo. Butts and boobs have become a staple of these 14 celebrities who’ll show you a picture of what they’re eating for brunch, the new handbag they’ve just bought, which other celebs they hang with, then—BOOM—boobs in some pasties. I can’t help but wonder, should I send them a picture of my boob hair back?

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