So When Was The Last Time Lindsay Lohan Wore A Bra

Lindsay Lohan hasn’t worn a bra in a while. She is so lucky, yo. When Kanye West says, “your titties/let ’em out/free at last,” in the salacious song, “I’m In It,” he is rapping about wanting to get all up in a lady’s body. When I hear those words, I think, yaaaaas, taking off my bra after a long day feels so good.

We have previously pondered: When was the last time Britney Spears wore a braWe have also highlighted female celebs who: show nips for fashionClearly nipples have become fashion’s latest accessory, reserved for courageous celebutantes who don’t mind freeing their lady giblets. If only I had the courage and valor but alas I work in an office and don’t just get to walk around sipping Starbucks Pumpkin Spice Lattes while shopping at Chanel all day.

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