Out of Everyone Who Was Rumored to Play Christian Grey, Who Would You Have Picked?

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I have been in love with Charlie Hunnam since I saw him in that Lifetime movie with Katie Holmes, Abandon. He was so cute and dreamy, and his accent made me swoon, so when I heard he was going to be playing Christian Grey, I was excited…and kind of annoyed.

Excited because he is super hot and seeing him in a suit, being the Christian Grey would’ve been insane. Annoyed because all those people who didn’t know him before were going to start loving him and I felt like a little kid who got her favorite toy taken away. Since he’s dropped out, I can go back to having him all to myself and the few fans of Sons of Anarchy that I know.

Since he dropped out of the film a couple weeks ago, the hunt for a new Christian Grey has been underway and a replacement has finally been found! After much speculation,it has been officially released that Jamie Dornan is going to be our new Christian Grey. I can honestly say I have no idea who he is, but after a few Google searches, I deem him suitable for the role. Lord knows it has been a whirlwind of rumors when it comes to the character of Christian Grey, so I have compiled a list of all the people who were rumored to be Christian Grey!

Take a look through all the rumored Christian Greys and let us know who you would’ve chosen for the role! Who knows — if Jamie backs out, they might need someone advice on who to tap next…

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