Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson Sang Karaoke Together in 2008. How Did No One Know This Happened?

I’m sure you’ve all done a bit of karaoke at one time in your life. We get a little more brave (after a few cocktails), and we decide to go up on stage and belt out a Mariah Carey tune. It’s just a fun, drunken time. We all love it. There are bars completely dedicated to the art of karaoke.

So what happens when two celebrities (that I am still wondering how they found each other) decide to get a little tipsy and belt out a Boyz II Men tune? Pure magic, that’s what. A video of Katy Perry and Robert Pattinson mumbling and slurring their way through “I’ll Make Love to You” has somehow found it’s way onto the Internet, and it’s amazing.

At a mutual friend’s birthday party, the two decided to jam out together. I would give my first born to see the rest of this film, but alas, we only get a little over a minute of drunken celebrity goodness. At one point, things get a little frisky when Katy insists that things aren’t sexual enough for the song they’re singing. This is the point when Pattinson tells Katy to sit on her lap. I love it. I ship it, hard. Katy sips from his drink as he insists that they “go slow.” It’s just a huge hot mess. A beautiful, wonderful, I never knew I needed this in my life kind of hot mess.

Do we think these two ever hooked up? Do we want them to get married now and have many beautiful babies? Yes. We do. Check out the ridiculous but amazing video below!

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