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What’s the Best Halloween Candy of All Time? REVEALED!

We asked, and you answered. Thousands of votes poured in to bring us to this very moment. Ladies and gentlemen, drum roll please.

The BEST Halloween candy of all time is, as chosen by you, Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. That’s right, they gave Sour Patch Kids an ass beating when they crushed them 67% to 33%. Those sour-then-sweet kids just aren’t sweet enough to win your love, I guess.

Now that the winner has been decided, do you agree with the final results? Is that chocolate/peanut butter combo just truly unbeatable?

To celebrate Reese’s domination over the competition, we dug up some unbelievable Reese’s recipes on Pinterest to share with you. Omg have to go die now and make all of these.

Halloween Candy - Winner

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