We All Walk Around Naked When We’re Home Alone, Right?

I have learned a few things from growing up in a house with a lot of people. One of those is that if you ever get a chance to be home alone, cherish it. There were few times when I got full reign of my household when my siblings or parents weren’t around. Some people don’t like being alone, but I am not one of those people. Alone time is something that I have come to know and love. Everybody can benefit from hanging solo every once in awhile.

In college, we’re usually stuck with at least one roommate (or if you’re like me, five female roommates), and sometimes having roomies sucks. They’re dirty. They’re loud. They leave the doors unlocked all the time. It’s frustrating. We can’t even hear our own thoughts when five other people are in our domain. There is such thing as personal space, and when we’re in college, we hardly ever get any. But when we do, oh how amazing it is.

We walk around naked. We borrow their clothes. We eat their food. We talk to ourselves. We act like complete weirdos. Because we’re finally alone and we can. If you’re still not convinced you’re one of those people, I suggest you taking a look at this video below and try not relating to at least one of these hard truths about hanging out alone. Watch it below!

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