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5 Ways to Spend that Extra Hour of Your Day, Thanks to the End of Daylight Savings

There are a lot of cons to this whole daylight savings/pushing the clocks back an hour thing. First off, it gets darker so much earlier. It’s like pitch black at 4 PM. Remember the good ole days of going to grab a beer with your friends around 7 and it was still light out? Man, summertime. I miss it. Secondly, the push back of time means that winter is coming. I don’t mean to sound like Ned Stark, but winter is coming and it is going to be cold.

Obviously, the number one amazing thing about the end of daylight savings time is that we get an extra hour in the day! It’s 2 AM and then suddenly, we’re back to 1 AM again! Do you believe in miracles? How will you spend that extra hour? Will you be out at the bars? Will you be sleeping? Will you be working? We’d love to know!

Check out the gallery below to see six things that we hope you did with your wonderful extra hour of the day!

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