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25 Awkward Celebrity Faces Because They Take Bad Photos Too

You won’t see Beyonce on here. Remember when all those “bad photos” of her leaked from her Superbowl performance and her people tried to rewrite history like, “Beyonce is flawless. These pictures do not exist because bad angles of Beyonce do not exist.” Then they flashed that flashy-thingy from Men In Black in our faces.


Unfortunately or fortunately, the internet was like, “Shut up,” then posted even worse pictures of Beyonce. Hopefully she learned a lesson about having a sense of humor about herself.

Everyone takes bad photos this is a fact even if ┬áit may seem like your friends are flaw free because they untag the unflattering ones on Facebook. There’s no better word for these celebrity photos than “awkward.” Celebrities with their mouths open, there faces scrunched, their eyes twitching make us wonder what the hell was going on.

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