Carrie Underwood’s “Deck of Cards Workout”: Burn 600 Calories at Home [CC’s ShapeU]

Looking to mix it up? If you have time to dedicate to some serious fitness this week, this cool “deck of cards” workout from Carrie Underwood will help burn calories and kick the boredom of traditional routines.

Take the time to give your body a great workout, and a much-needed chance to sweat out the stress that comes with the final few weeks of fall semester.  It takes a little over an hour, but you’ll burn 600 calories and you’ll never get bored. All you need is…a deck of card (makes sense, eh?). Check it out here. The star loves this type of activity, particularly because it helps you stay engaged throughout the entire workout because you are, in essence, making it yourself! This also makes it an excellent workout to personalize and tailor to your fitness goals!

For more about how the workout works, and some sample exercises, here’s a breakdown of the “deck of cards” workout. Try it today!

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