How to Create The Perfect Outfit for a Hip Hop Show

Emerald and I were lucky enough to have the religious experience of seeing Kanye West perform on the Yeezus Tour at Barclays this week. To say it was a spiritual awakening would be an understatement. I think I might actually believe in god now. Anyways, besides a night of amazing music and art, the outfits at a hip hop show are always super inspiring, and this was definitely no different. Snapbacks, sneakers, big gold jewelry – show goers were certainly doing the most Tuesday and Wednesday. So to inspire you for your next rap concert, we put together a perfect outfit to rock at the show.

How to Create The Perfect Outfit for a Hip Hop Show

You obviously want to look super fly at any concert, but comfort is also key because you’re likely going to be standing and/or dancing for a few hours. We’ve been obsessed with What About Yves lately, especially because their sweatshirts are both cute and cozy. Pair one with your favorite skinny jeans, a snapback and sneaker wedges, and add on as much gold jewelry as humanly possible. Finish the look with a bag that can be worn crossbody to keep your hands free and belongings close.

[Lead image via Duo Gigs]

  • Amanda GabrieleCOLLEGECANDY Writer